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Welcome to Palatina Ragdoll

We are a small family hobby Ragdoll breed of Rhineland-Palatinate and look forward to welcoming you on our website. With our motto, we wish you lots of fun : Enchanting cats for special people!


Ragdolls are large, cozy cat, sociable and very social. Midst of it the motto of this beautiful breed could be. Enchant you will be by their foolish featuring handsome appearance and the unique nature. With its semi-long dense, silky soft fur and her beautiful blue eyes fascinates and attracts many into its spell. Once a Ragdoll - Ragdoll Always.


Ragdolls are very social animals and always want to be the middle of everything. An individual's attitude is not advisable.With its dense, soft fur these beautiful animals naturally want to be combed and groomed regularly.


Ragdolls come in the colors Seal, Blue, Chocolate & Lilac. Drawings in: mitted, colorpoint & bicolor with and without lynx (tabby).


The genesis of the breed Ragdoll began in 1963 in the US with a wife named Ann Baker and a white cat named "Josephine". Visually, she resembled an angora cat. Josephine was mated to Birmese and Burmese cats. The kittens from these matings were the first Ragdoll's. They were totally relaxed, very tall and friendly and had half-length coat. Ann was so excited and intrigued by the descendants that you wanted to shape those special characters and expand the line. Their names were derived from their typical behavior, for example to lift the limbs while lifting. This behavior reminded Ann of a rag doll. The name for the wonderful breed and the birth of the Ragdoll.


The a Ragdoll cat weighs between 4.5 to 6.5 kg. With a male , however it can be maintained between 6.5 and 9.5 kg of .


We can help you put these animals only to the heart, because you are beautify your life for so many things.

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Annual review 2023; Felino Therapy

Jahresrückblick 2023 was für ein erfolgreiches Jahr !! Den wohl allergrößten Erfolg erzielte unser Bubi Hank. Innerhalb von neun Mona

Happiness comes on four paws

🐾🐾Happiness comes on four paws🐾🐾 Reachability: You can reach me via telephone, email or various messenger services such as Whatspp.