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My husband, children and I live with our ragdolls in the Palatinate. Our Ragdolls are full-fledged family members who are accustomed from an early age to everyday sounds. Our Ragdolls bring against boundless confidence, affection and loyalty. Our Ragdoll´s mean quality of life.

We get healthy and faithful Ragdoll-Kitten in the following colors and versions:

  • Seal
  • Blue
  • mitted
  • bicolor
  • Lynx (Tabby)

Our parents were tested negative for the major hereditary diseases. The written results and the certificates of the studies we happy to serve you. Of course you can see the parents and the papers even at a personal appointment. For questions we are available by phone, by mail or in person at your disposal. Simply fill in our contact form. We will contact you promptly with you and help you.

Why ragdolls?

On the one hand we are fascinated by the appearance of Ragdolls. The beautiful blue eyes, the many color drawings, and the velvety silken fur convinced us quickly. On the other hand, the Ragdolls have a wonderful character. They are very people oriented and faithful. You can relax together and cuddle with you on the couch. However Ragdolls also have a very playful side. Therefore, this cats are suitable for young and old.

Why a hobby-breed?

One of the most important reasons for our hobby was the maintenance and continuation of this special cat. But our focus is on size and nature. In addition, the hobby of the whole family is at the heart and all help diligently. We were also strengthened by our friends! Thanks to their support has become possible. At this point, thank you once again to all of you for your trust and cooperation!

What does our hobby mean for us?

It is important for us to fulfill this family task with a lot of heart, dedication and understanding.

Love, caring, health, trust and joy are our priorities. Decisions are always made with us for the good of the animal. But it also means taking on a high degree of responsibility, investing a lot of time and labor, and not underestimating the financial costs.

Why Palatina Ragdoll?

Palatina is Latin and stands for Pfalz. The beautiful Pfalz region is the home of our charming Ragdolls, hence our name Palatina Ragdoll.

Special Thanks
A very special thanks to my colleagues. Through your support and help I was able to realize the launch of their own discipline only – by me, our wonderful and very pretty Ragdolls entrusted hobby … many thanks again! I would like to warmly thank Christina Ritter Katz Ragdolls North Carolina, she stood by me as an adviser. Last but not least also the few, not mentioned here catteries which have advised me and therefore also crucial support. We are really happy with our family growth.
We gladly support breeder and new breeder- inquiries are welcome.


– We are members of 1.DEZKV e.V (FiFe Verband) and also in IG-Ragdoll (Interest community-Ragdoll)

Stolen thoughts

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