International Champion Orinoko

Orinoko enchanted us immediately. She is a very warm, charming, cuddly, affectionate, friendly, purred ragdoll kitten. Our Ragissa Orinoko is seal lynx bicolor with wonderful steel blue eyes. Moving in did not cause her any problems. We look forward to accompanying them in their further development. Her first exhibition successes: Evaluation nominated “Best in Show”, International Champion. We presented our litter at the international FiFé show in beautiful Switzerland and received the following results: 2x nominated “Best in Show” and finally 2x “Best in Show” awarded. In the individual evaluation of the kittens, Miley, Merle and Marley were nominated “Best in Show” and finally “Best in Show” Miley and Merle.

  • Breed: Ragissa 
  • Gender: female
  • Race: Ragdoll
  • Colour/pattern: seal lynx bicolor
  • Eye colour: blue
  • Date of birth: 22.08.2022
  • HCM-Test: negative 
  • PKD-Test: negative 
  • FeLV-Test: negative 
  • FIV-Test: negative 



Our adorable Barbie in seal point mitted with blaze is a bright interested ragdoll. She loves to play indoors and outdoors (in our outdoor enclosure). K-Barbie has very beautiful promising predispositions. She was able to nominate herself several times for “Best in Show” at exhibitions and convince. Recently, she received her next title and is INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION. Congratulations my sweetie! Barbie was also nominated for “Best Profile” and “Best grooming”.

We are looking forward to the further development of our lovable, balanced and hearty Barbie. Thank you very much Janina, for the gorgeous girl.

Breed: Italiadolls                            Gender: female
Race: Ragdoll
Colour/Pattern: seal point mitted with blaze
Eye colour: blue
Date of birth: 09.11.2022                                                        HCM-Test:  negative                                                        PKD-Test:   negative
FelV-Test:  negative
FIV-Test:    negative


I would like to introduce our young star Faith Azure Eyes of Palatina. Faith is a very pretty ragdoll in seal point bicolor. With her charisma and her deep blue eyes, she immediately captivated us. Faith is a very cuddly ragdoll. We hope for a good and successful development. We have already taken Faith to one or the other exhibition and have already collected some great successes for ourselves. Several times she received the rating V1 as Kitten and Junior and was also nominated several times Best in Show. The biggest success so far has been the qualification for the World Exhibition. 

  • Breed: Azure Eyes
  • Gender: female
  • Race: Ragdoll
  • Colour/pattern: seal point bicolor
  • Eye colour: blue
  • Date of birth: 01.03.2023
  • HCM-Test:  negative
  • PKD-Test:   negative
  • FelV-Test:  negative
  • FIV-Test:    negative