Felino Therapy

Felino Therapy

Felino-Therapie – Die Ragdoll als Therapiebegleiter

Der Name Felino-Therapie wird abgeleitet von Felis “lat.” Katze, Therapeia “griech.” Therapie. Sie ist eine spezielle Tiertherapiemethode und wird hauptsächlich angewandt bei Menschen mit körperlichen und oder geistigen Einschränkungen, bei älteren einsamen Personen sowie welche mit psychischen Leiden. 

Unsere Ragdolls durchbrechen Barrieren. Ihr einzigartiges bezauberndes Wesen findet schnellen Zugang zu den Betroffenen und wirkt sich positiv auf deren Stimmung aus. Sie sind durch ihre Zutraulichkeit und Anschmiegsamkeit prädestinierte Therapeuten.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre persönliche Kontaktaufnahme.

Herzliche Grüße, Eure Tanja

It goes without saying that Hank, for us without a doubt the greatest tomcat. But not only for us…

yesterday’s international show Arena of Cats in Wörth a. Rhein (06.05.-07.05.2023) our CH. Hank, Bright Crystall of Palatina, consistently impressed all judges and received EX 1 (CACIB) in his class, was Best in Variety, and was also nom. for Best in Show. Hank said goodbye to this beautiful exhibition in Wörth as “International Champion”. Congratulations my Bubi, we are super proud of our Bubi 🙂

Our beauty Ragissa Orinoko of Palatina was also there and also very successfully convinced the jury. She received multiple EX1 ratings and was nom Best in Show. Congratulations my sweetheart, we are super proud of our little one.


The name Felinotherapy is derived from Felis “lat.” Cat, Therapeia “Greek.” Therapy. It is a special method of animal therapy and is mainly used in people with physical and or mental disabilities, in older lonely people and those with mental illness.

Our Ragdolls break through barriers. Their unique enchanting nature finds quick access to those affected and has a positive effect on their mood. They are predestined therapists due to their trust and cuddliness.

We look forward to hearing from you personally.

Best regards, your Tanja

For those who want to know more about Ragdolls I recommend this video 🙂

Have fun looking! Thank you SIMON’S Cat
Hello dear interested parties and cat friends,
if you would like extensive advice on the enchanting Ragdoll, then you have to come to us. We offer you the opportunity to get to know our Ragdoll and us – personally. Get extensive information about our breed, an insight into our work and breeding. Simply arrange a binding visit. The consultation fee paid in advance will be deducted when adopting kittens from our hobby breed. We are looking forward to your visit.
Kind regards, Tanja

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